Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Great Wall of America

"The wall is going to be....a GREAT wall." - Donald Trump Feb 16th, 2017 Press conference, 15:45

In a previous blog, "The Mad Architect of Civil War," we looked at old American war propaganda posters as well as more recent billboards advertising various films and tv series. We explored how the media is not necessarily reflecting reality, but suggesting and DICTATING it, from various angles in order to maintain division among the populace. I couldn't help but notice a fresh new batch of them, so here is a few more for your consideration...

I have not seen the film "The Great Wall," but presumably it is about "the Great Wall of China." Above is the main promotional billboard plastered all around major cities. What we see is a white man (Matt Damon) in military attire, about to shoot someone who is clearly below him on the other side of a wall (represented by the movie title). Behind him are 4 people of different races, also dressed for battle. The 4 individuals look unsure and fearful, but prepared for blood. They are staring directly at the viewer (you). This can be confirmed by looking closely at a large, blown up version of this billboard. Since the viewer is physically on the other side of the wall, the 4 individuals behind Matt Damon seem to be hinting that YOU are on the wrong side. This sends the message that anyone can be a foreigner, even YOU. In the background we see explosions and evidence of a destructive battle occurring. This stirs up very specific racial/political controversies without directly referring to any of them.

A brief consideration of possible occult imagery reveals a few interesting details. The use of red and blue, colors used by Freemasonic Illuminists representing chaos and order, very much fits the theme of civil war and division. Red is worn by a man, blue is worn by a woman. Left/right, democrat/republican. There are 5 individuals pictured. 5 is typically associated with man, war, fire, and the color red. Matt Damon's character points an arrow at something or someone on the other side of the imaginary wall. The arrow represents the human will, strength, force, or the phallus. In this picture, the white man holds the phallus and directs the intent, whereas the other faces reflect a shade of doubt, hesitance to act, and fearful wonder - and yet postured to follow the will of the white man in the front. Finally, the words "the Great Wall" fit rather well inside of a hexagram. I didn't bother creating an image with the words inside a hexagram, but the inspired observer is encouraged to. The significance of that refers again to the theme of Freemasonic symbolism, as the square and compass are a different expression of the hexagram, the star of David, and the 3 dimensional cube (this is explained in more detail in a previous blog "Occult themes/symbolism within Star Wars: The Force Awakens.")

A quick glance at the funding behind the film reveals that "The Great Wall's" biggest financial contributor, according to Wikepedia, is China based "The Wanda Group." They are the world's biggest private property developer and owner and the world's largest cinema chain operator. They purchased AMC theatres in 2012 and own 13% of movie screens in the USA. In 2016 Wanda Group also purchased Propaganda GEM, "The Entertainment Marketing and product placement agency becomes part of Wanda Group's focus on entertainment but also Hollywood content" (Notice the word "propaganda" and references to "Hollywood content" and "product placement.") There is also the interesting fact that The Wanda Group has "good relationships" with the Communist Party of China.

The new King Kong film features "Kong" emerging from the sun, which is either rising or setting, depending on how you look at it. This indicates that the beast rises from the beginning and the end of time. The Sun is the most ancient symbol worshiped by mankind. Christ was the SON of god. Angels are typically depicted with rays of light behind them. The crown of a king symbolizes the rays of the sun. These rays signify divine rulership. The word "King" is omitted from the title of the film. But it is enforced instead by the symbolism of the monster emerging from the sun and also by the words above the title "All Hail the King." Clearly, the monster is the "king." Who is the king of America? That would be the president, Donald Trump.

The orange, red, and yellow emerging from the top/behind "Kong" recall the colors often so sarcastically associated with Trump's infamous hair and facial color. The monster is the president, and the Monster is the KING. The monster emerges from the opposite side of the rocks. Or you could say, the opposite side of the wall. He is a foreigner from the view of the troops. The troops are foreigners from the view of the monster. There are 5 troops. 5 represents war, the color red, and fire. The troops are clearly ready to battle the monster. "All Hail the King" is written in the water between the troops. This is not a statement, it's a suggestion. The troops are depicted within the colors of deep blue/green. Blue is the color of democrats as well as order. Red is the color of republicans/chaos.

The 2 helicopters are eyes and the troops form a frown. This represents the face of the observer, YOU. "Skull Island" references the head. A skull lies inside of a head. You are the foreigner fighting on the opposite side of the leader/king/monster. Or you can choose to be on the side of the monster emerging from the orange/red sun. The point is, TAKE A SIDE and FIGHT.

This is only one interpretation of the occult symbolism within this poster. But the fact that the symbols are there for your consumption is pretty hard to dispute. These symbols are not recognized consciously, but the icons have an effect on the sub conscious nonetheless. This is done to catch your attention of course, as any good advertisement should do. But this is also a very loaded piece of propaganda. I imagine the film is also a loaded piece of eye catching propaganda.

I didn't know this film was called "Get Out" because the billboard ad barely even looks like a movie advertisement. Again we have (very subtle) blue and red. You can't see very well in the picture due to the glare, but the sky and the house rooftops contain blue hues, while the front of the houses contain a dull sunset (or sunrise) red. These are not natural colors, they are obviously filtered to be stylized this way. Upon first glance, the ad blends in almost like graffiti. The message? Well, it couldn't get any less metaphorical so I don't see the need to type it out, as it can be read plainly enough above. Someone even did the work for me by snapping this photo of the billboard next to a political advertisement (also featuring the colors blue and red). Again, enforcing ideas of division, judgement, racism, and fear of foreigners. I've actually seen both of these billboards myself at more than one intersection, prominently placed next to each other.

I briefly read the plot line for this and found that it is a "black comedy" horror film. It flirts aggressively with racial tension, even more bizarrely than I would have expected. It's about a black man who is dating a white woman. He somehow discovers a sort of shocking secret inside her house involving the disappearance of black people from the WHITE residence. A movie about black people disappearing from a white house? Hmmm....The movie is currently enjoying stellar ratings, and this writing is not intended to downgrade the movie - neither could I since I haven't even seen it yet. This is merely a meditation on the symbolic meanings translated through the poster and the plot themes. No surprise that they reflect the growing racial/civil war agenda so prevalent on the media's plate lately. It is interesting to see how more of these types of messages are being presented with a touch of comedy. But not the sort that diffuses tension, the type which ENHANCES it.

Here's a new film starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day. I have not seen this film either, but by the looks of the reviews, it is pointless exercise in stupidity and gratuitous vulgarity. But perhaps these critics are missing the point...

The poster shows a black man and a white man standing off. If it wasn't already obvious that they don't like each other, the not so subtle words FIST FIGHT are there in nice big letters so mentally handicapped people can understand what is being articulated. Apparently in the film, these two characters are teachers. Similar to some of the recent super hero films, we have iconic representations of social leaders (super heroes, teachers, parents) abandoning their posts in order to fight each other for no apparent reason (or for an extremely petty one). Teachers are the educators of society, so the idea of teachers fighting in a racially suggestive context hints that we are being taught to hate and to be racial for very petty reasons. It basically encourages every possible negative racial tension between blacks and whites for the most shallow reasons possible. But since it is labeled "entertainment" and "comedy" we don't take it at face value consciously. But subconsciously the message is the same as if it was delivered by a fascist government propaganda poster.

Within the billboard we have the colors blue (turquoise?) and red again, signifying chaos and order. The black man is taller than the white man, encouraging thoughts of inferiority and empowerment on both sides of the ethnic coin. I don't know much about the white guy (Charlie Day,) but the black guy (Ice Cube) was in NWA in the 90s, a rap group who wrote the song "Fuck the Police." Although the name "NWA" is known to stand for "Niggas With Attitude," it was a pretty well established urban myth in the 90s that it stood for "No Whites Allowed." Whether it really stood for that or not, plenty of kids believed it. NWA was an extremely controversial group and popularized the entire "Gangsta Rap" genre probably more than any other group. This was around the time that I first started hearing arguments about gun laws, and it was largely encouraged by alleged youths obtaining them illegally and using them in gang violence in schools and in the streets. And yet somehow the recent film about NWA managed to soften their image and make their story more identifiable to people. The point here is not to debate whether the film was accurate or not, but to point out that the same media who banned "Fuck the Police" in the 90s and warned of the dangers of Gangsta Rap and youths bringing guns to school, is now using NWA's story, and their former members to deliver negative racial entertainment to mainstream America, hidden within the guise of "harmless comedy."

From FX Network we have this nice depiction of a man and a woman both pointing guns at someone while being turned on and staring into each other's eyes. Almost to say that shooting people is sexy, chic, and the new trendy way to love someone. The couple look somewhat dead, as if they are turning into zombies or vampires. This is all done in a very stylish, attractive, hip kind of way. The word "Americans" has a reversed R to enhance a warped meaning of it. "These are the NEW Americans. This is the new YOU." The background again uses red and blue, with some yellow thrown in. The message here is a very clear statement to the American public: "This is what you are America! Shoot someone already! See, it's sexy! It's love! It's chic! Most of all, it's AMERICAN! Be a corpse! Be a zombie!" Are we getting the message yet? I know I am.

"One of the most deliciously long-simmering rivalries in the history of Hollywood is dissected in Ryan Murphy's Feud: Bette and Joan, starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon (above), premiering March 5." - Town and Country Magazine

"in a Hollywood today where sexism, ageism and divide-and-conquer are still the status quo, the battles faced more than 50 years ago by the then 54-year-old and virtually discarded Davis and the broke but still striving 58-year-old Crawford feel unfortunately poignant in 2017." -

These billboards are based upon the story written by Henry Farrell entitled "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" It's about 2 sisters, "movie actors, but Blanche has achieved stardom, while Jane’s films have flopped, leading Jane to drink heavily. One night, returning from a party, one of the sisters gets out of the car to open the gate leading up to the house, while the other attempts to run her over. The resulting accident leaves Blanche paralyzed transforming Jane into "an aging actress who holds her paraplegic sister captive in an old Hollywood mansion." The psychological thriller film adaptation of the same name was released in 1962. The bitter Hollywood rivalry between the film's two stars, Davis and Crawford, was obviously important to the film's initial success. "Feud" is a new show from FX Network featuring Susan Sarandon (70) and Jessica Lang (67) playing the roles of Betty Davis and Joan Crawford, acting out their "Feud" during the filming of the movie, presumably both in front and away from the camera.

Given the multi layered concept behind the series, the above posters manage to conjure an incredibly complex amount of negative feminine concepts. I'm going color blind looking at all of these blue/red shades, but I think we have possibly HOT PINK set against a deep blue here. The first poster features Jessica Lang looking particularly reminiscent of K.D. Lang next to an overly made up, and decidedly feminine Susan Sarandon. They appear to represent the classic female nightmare of becoming old, unattractive, and unimportant. Their despairing facial expressions hint at a deep sense of guilt. The bars they clutch seem to represent punishment for whatever crime they are guilty of. All presented in a sensual, sexy dream like color scheme.

Second poster has Sarandon suggestively postured above Lang, who stares up as if waiting to be punished/dominated. Obviously there is a sexual undertone here, but also ideas of inferiority, incest, helplessness, sadism, masochism, sibling rivalry, jealousy, gender role confusion, gender role reversal, and ritual torture among other things.

Crawford and Davis were loudly applauded for their performances, as the film "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" was nominated for 5 academy awards. They were both seen as past their prime by the public, and "washed up" before this. It's interesting to note that a film where women are depicted behaving badly, and where 2 actresses inject their own real life bad, self loathing behavior into the film is what gained it more notoriety in the end. The further dramatization of these actresses feuding and staring down their old age is presumably reflected by Sarandon and Lang - who are both OLDER than the characters they are depicting. Clearly the media is applauding THEM for further articulating the "delicious long-simmering rivalry" and would probably be very happy to see Sarandon and Lang vent their own insecurities upon each other and within the film.

It's interesting to note that both "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" and "Feud" were both written by men. Men writing about women acting out their fears and insecurities, and being applauded for doing so. I guess it's like a wise woman once said, "well behaved women rarely make history."

Finally, we have CBS's "The Good Fight." This billboard exploits the lesbian fantasy, presumably from the perspective of a heterosexual male. As far as I can tell, the series is a "political/legal drama." But judging from this poster I can only assume that some sort of "lesbian drama" is part of the plot at some point? We see a somewhat conservative looking blonde, blue eyed woman on the left with her fingers just barely forming a "V." If you've been to any rock concerts, you've probably seen the way this hand gesture is usually used by men to indicate "I wanna lick your pussy." In the center, we have a conservative looking black woman looking like she just had sex with a white man, who lays in the background with no shirt on. But she is staring somewhere else, indicating she is bored with what she just experienced and feels guilty for what she is considering. The man in the background is only pictured from the neck down. Above his crotch are the words "all access," subtly indicating that heterosexual men will have "all access" to this unrealistic lesbian fantasy. Finally on the right we have a woman looking turned on as she faces a woman who's mouth and nose are the only parts we can see of her. Obviously the idea that they are "making out" is being heavily suggested. Yet, all 3 women appear to be heterosexual.

The title "The Good Fight" seems to indicate that all this Lesbian lust is causing a fight somewhere, but that it's good. The storyline seems to include lots of SCAMS and SCANDAL. I suppose the message here to women is to question their own sexuality and to regard any friction caused by their bad behavior to be good? The word GOOD is RED to highlight it. The billboard appears to also include the colors red and blue/black - again, indicating chaos and order.

A bit about CBS Network - CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting System. Colombia refers to the Columbian faction of Freemasons. This is why the logo contains the "all seeing eye." And yes, it's the same eye on the $1 bill and represents the "Illuminated Ones." Therefore, this show is sponsored by a very powerful Freemasonic order - as are all of the shows on CBS and probably everything mentioned on this page.

Someone recently commented to me that this sort of thing is just "the media being the media." And I agree. But what is the difference between someone who closes the book right there on the subject and one who is inspired to look deeper? The media is like a giant megaphone being broadcast throughout society. We can listen, we can ignore, but we can't escape its influence. And to study the influence our environment is having upon our minds and bodies is the act of an intelligent, aware human being.

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