Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"Terror Wars: The Bataclan Shooting"

On Sunday, October 30th 1938 a radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" was presented to the American public by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). This was before everyone had television or computers, so radio programming was a common form of entertainment. The story was presented as a news broadcast, which fooled many listeners (this show can still be found online.) Thousands of people called the police, panicking as the radio continued to report what they thought was an extra terrestrial landing and the destruction of urban areas, as if it was occurring in real time. CBS continues to be one of the largest media giants today, producing all sorts of programming, including news broadcasts.

“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” - Ronald Reagan During a speech before the United Nations in 1987

We might look back to 1938 and laugh at how naive people were to think the "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast was real. But how do we know we aren't being subjected to much more advanced forms of deceptive entertainment today? Do we think the people at CBS sat around a table and went, "well, that was a disaster! Let's not do THAT again!" We only need to imagine ourselves wielding such power to manipulate the perception of the masses, and what we would do with it if we lacked a bit of morality. Given the technological and psychological advancements of science and the military, combined with an increasingly shorter attention span of the average person, there is surely an argument to be made that we have never been as SUGGESTIBLE as we are today - and yet so reactionary to anything contrary to "the program" as we perceive it.

Many people, myself included, thought the original "Blair Witch Project" film of the 90s was a real documentary because it was presented as such. It is now called "fictional," many years after. As I was writing this blog, another film has been announced, "Phoenix Forgotten." This film is also being presented as a "non fiction" account, only this one has replaced a "witch" with "UFOs." Here is how the story is being presented to the public:

"On March 13, 1997, several mysterious lights appeared over Phoenix. Three teens went into the desert shortly after the incident, hoping to document the strange events occurring in their town. They disappeared that night and were never seen again. Now, on the 20th anniversary of their disappearance, unseen footage has finally been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition."

As we can see, these types of films and programs have a history. We see the same thing happening in "reality tv" shows. In fact, current US president Donald Trump has more reality TV experience than he does political experience! Have we gotten to the point where "reality tv" is now influencing who we choose for president? Perhaps "Celebrity apprentice" was created specifically to prepare us for a new president which was ALREADY chosen. In this sense, "reality TV" is merely continuing into our reality, seamlessly. We become part of the script. Many people believe that most, if not all, reality TV shows are either heavily scripted or completely fictional. If mainstream media is willing to release fictional films as "true events," why stop there? Why not present NEWS as reality, when in fact they are fictional stories? Given what we've seen here, how are we even to know the difference anymore?

Actual billboard for the new film, "Phoenix Forgotten" suggests that the news media has been lying to the public about Alien/UFO visitation

If we recall Ronald Reagan's speech quoted above in reference to a serious catastrophic event, such as 911, we can actually make out a consistent narrative, not unlike a film or tv series. Was 9/11 not "an alien threat from outside this world?" If freedom is OUR WORLD and SHARIA LAW is theirs, then 9/11 was indeed an ALIEN ATTACK. And are we not beginning to "recognize this common bond" we have in "defending freedom" against those who's ideologies stand firmly against it? This post traumatic event call of "unity" is becoming as predictable and scripted as the mass shootings themselves. United we stand where? In a quarantined security cage awaiting the next slaughter? It seems the "War of the Worlds" has simply been renamed "Terror Wars," and we are still being fooled. We just can't tell the difference between "the show" and "reality" anymore...

The Paris terrorist attacks of 2015 have been called "the deadliest in France since WWII," however most casualties occurred at the sold out Eagles of Death Metal show at the famous Bataclan Theatre. We are told this was carried out by 3 groups of 3 people, all of whom are now dead. "[French President] François Hollande said ISIL organised the attacks with help from inside France. Claimed motives were an ideological objection to Paris as a capital of abomination and perversion, retaliation for airstrikes on ISIL in Syria. I'd also like to add that with 89 murdered at the Bataclan alone, this was probably the worst mass killing to ever occur at a Rock concert, something strangely downplayed by the media, but that should have many more fans of rock music asking questions, even if they are NOT fans of the band. Given the lack of coverage from that angle - I will be going a bit more into the band "Eagles of Death Metal" than others have. NOT to implicate an innocent party, but to objectively determine whether they may have played a larger role than we have been lead to believe.


This growing "common bond" of categorical hatred against Muslims in the world cannot be based on truth, if the ones funding those terrorists groups such as ISIS/ISIL are not clearly identified. Given that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been implicated in funding such terrorist organizations, we may want to take note of the U.S.A.'s relationship to these countries. Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have close and strong relations with senior members of the Saudi Royal Family. Qatar and the United States are strategic allies. In other words, the United States is FRIENDS with those who are thought to finance ISIS/ISIL. Until this relationship between the U.S.A. and the financiers of Muslim extremists is fully understood, it isn't possible to rule out whether the UNITED STATES themselves are involved or not with the manufacture of these terrorists. We've already hinted at the motivation for doing so. We've already seen what films and reality TV can do. Imagine what the "Terror Wars" can do? Well, we don't have to imagine anymore, because we're already on a new episode: The Bataclan Massacre.


BAND NAME: We already know the name "Eagles of Death Metal" is inherently deceptive. The band doesn't sound like the Eagles and they don't sound like Death Metal. Josh Homme explains this away with his typical clever/ironic humor, basically stating it is nothing but an inside joke asking "what if the Eagles played Death Metal?" But if we simply ignore the band's own explanation and take the name for what it is, we actually get a name that makes a little more sense...The Bald Eagle is native to North America, and is often used on flags, banners, and official US Military attire because it represents America. Jesse Hughes in particular has been consistently presented with "conservative politics" in the media, as well as going the extra step to prove what a "white trash, gun toting, god loving patriot" he is - whilst retaining a "socially liberal" stance on sex and drugs and even satan. He basically embodies a sort of Rob Zombie fantasy version of an "all American" band front man. Eagle = America ('merica). What is a "Death Metal?" We already know the band doesn't play Death Metal, so let's take the term more literally. A metal which causes death is a weapon. Eagles fly, so our weapon must also fly while it causes death. Bullets are typically made of lead, a heavy metal. Death Metal = Weapon/Bullet. So the name is a metaphor for AMERICAN WEAPON/BULLET. In fact one of Jesse Hughe's nicknames is "Fabulous Weapon." He claims he got this from his father, who had a band called Fabulous Weapon. Jesse also said about the Bataclan shooting that if EVERYONE had guns less people would have died. There's also the segment in "Redemption of the Devil" where Jesse is shooting up a Muslim flag. So we have plenty of blatant references to America, politics, and guns within Jesse's own dialogue to back this up.

Ex-porn star "Tuesday Cross" (aka Marina Cardenas), girlfriend of "ordained Catholic Minister" Jesse Hughes. Note the upside down cross on her chest

REDEMPTION OF THE DEVIL: EODM singer Jesse Hughes, "Trump supporter" and gun rights advocate, uses many different nicknames, including "The Devil"... and "Fabulous Weapon." In an interview, Hughes revealed that his band mate Josh Homme gave him "The Devil" nickname when he was 13 (interesting number). Vice Media produced a documentary about Jesse Hughes called "The Redemption of the Devil," which was set for release on October 2nd, 2015 - one month before the Bataclan massacre (interesting timing). The film "follows Jesse as he gets ordained as a Catholic minister, begins an intense relationship with an ex porn star [Tuesday Cross, who has an upside down cross tattooed on her chest, and a crucifix tattooed on each middle finger], explores the political arena, and fights for custody of his only child, all while preparing for the fervently awaited release of his first album since 2008." This film presents Jesse's story through the stylized lens of a Rob Zombie film trying to evoke the violent charm of Quinton Terantino film. The result is more of a seemingly pointless, amateur collage of imagery and symbolism than a proper documentary, or even mockumentary. It was directed by Alex Hoffman, "personal friend" of Jesse Hughes and head of VICE UK's music department. It was pulled from the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival in November of 2015 because "the filmmakers felt the timing was inopportune in light of the tragedy. Note VICE's use of the word "inopportune." This word is more indicative of finances than it is of moral responsibility, making the reasoning behind the pulling of the film almost as confusing and pointless as the film itself. If anything, it highlights the relevance of this otherwise seemingly pointless collage of "gun/devil/god/politics/," in relation to the Bataclan massacre. There is a very strong argument to be made that this film was simply propaganda created to exploit the same "target audience" that the Bataclan shootings were aimed at exploiting. And yet the media, who's existence is typically BASED upon psychological exploitation, is completely ignoring this connection that even VICE MEDIA seems to be highlighting.

911: Joel and Pascal Laloux owned Bataclan since 1976. They sold it on Sept 11th 2015, 2 months before the terrorist attacks. Giant multinational corporation Lagardere Group changed their name to Lagardère Sports and Entertainment in September of 2015. On September 11th of the same year, they bought 70% of the Bataclan company from its owners. According to Lagardere's own website "history" section, one of their subsidaries "Matra BAe Dynamics" was "the leading weapons manufacturer in Europe and the third largest in the world" as of 1996. The Largest shareholder to the Lagardere group is the Qatar, a known financier of the Muslim brotherhood, and has long been suspected of funding ISIS/ISIL. This was recently supported by a Wikileaks disclosure of an email sent by Hillary Clinton in 2014. This was exposed, conveniently near the US election, towards the end of 2016 and reads in part that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were “providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL.”

FRIDAY THE 13TH: The Bataclan shootings occurred on Friday the 13th in Paris. On "Friday, 13 October 1307 (a date sometimes linked with the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition) King Philip IV ordered Grand Master Jacques de Molay and scores of other French Templar [known today as FREEMASONS] to be simultaneously arrested. The arrest warrant started with the phrase: "Dieu n'est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume" ["God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in the kingdom"]. Many of the accused confessed to these charges under torture, and these confessions, even though obtained under duress, caused a scandal in Paris.... Sentenced to burn alive at the stake, de Molay called out from the flames that both Pope Clement and King Philip would soon meet him before God. His actual words were recorded on the parchment as follows : "Dieu sait qui a tort et a péché. Il va bientot arriver malheur à ceux qui nous ont condamnés à mort" (translation : "God knows who is wrong and has sinned. Soon a calamity will occur to those who have condemned us to death"). Pope Clement died only a month later, and King Philip died in a hunting accident before the end of the year."

ORIGIN OF THEATER NAME: From thejewniverse.com: "...composer Jacques Offenbach emigrated to Paris to study music. The libretto he famously set to music, “Ba-Ta-Clan,” was written by his friend Ludovic Halévy, the son of a Parisian Jew who converted to Christianity for marriage. (Though with a name like Halévy we can’t imagine he made a very convincing Christian.)....Halévy seems to have cast his own multilayered religious identity into the operetta, which revels in ethnic cloaking and mayhem. The storyline involves three Frenchmen masquerading as Chinese, and a French country “bumpkin with ambitions to rule,” àla Napoleon III. The operetta opened in Paris in 1855 and eventually made it to Broadway under the dubious title “Ching Chow Hi.” (Did we mention this is 19th-century ethnic humor?) The Bataclan music hall opened ten years later with a whole chinoiserie theme."

What are we to make of all of these dates and symbolism? Is this giant production the work of some primitive towel headed religious nuts plotting out in some obscure location among the dirt and the rocks? We are dealing with a profoundly intelligent, dark, internationally powerful entity with great attention to detail and a deep understanding of what goes on in the minds of "regular people." If WE represented such a force, logically rock bands (as well as RAP), being a particularly "American" symbol of freedom and individuality, would HAVE to be infiltrated if global propaganda is to be affective on all levels. Given that, a band like the Eagles of Death Metal could be completely manufactured to direct a certain subculture of society in order to help "manufacture" rebellion in the western world before it can occur naturally. In this way, the inevitable "social revolution" can actually be controlled from the INSIDE by the same forces we think we are fighting against. This is why the band comes off as a contrived Rob Zombie invention. Perhaps they have been created by someone who understands Rock and Roll, but who CANNOT identify with it fully. This is probably why we see so much of Jesse Hughes trying to prove how much he embodies Rock and Roll. Because the OPPOSITE is true. He even tells us he is being deceptive by these incessant, tacky symbolic mixtures of "the Devil" (the father of lies) and god. I'm not religious, but I'm pretty sure the bible says that you cannot serve 2 masters. And what is this guy CONSTANTLY saying through symbols and dialogue? TWO MASTERS TWO MASTERS TWO MASTERS!


..."what really shocked me at first was...we're a loud rock band...the power of the band off the stage through the P.A. is...hard to trump...the initial shots were so powerful for me I immediately...I knew something was wrong..." Julian Dorio, Stand in Drummer during TEODM Bataclan performance 11/2015 VICE INTERVIEW

In the first sense, he is comparing the sound of the band to the sound of the first blasts of the terrorists' gun shots. What did we say earlier about the name of the band being a metaphor for American bullets? He's saying the blasts of the terrorists was louder than the blasts of the band. The ALIEN weapon was louder than the AMERICAN weapon. The TRUMP reference compliments the Eagle/American symbolism in the band name, and brings it out into the scene of the massacre. This is now the THUNDERING voice of TRUMP, via the band, being overpowered by the sound of terrorist blasts. So we're talking about the anti Muslim, anti refugee, anti ALIEN narrative of the Trump administration being echoed in this short statement. There's also the more crass interpretation which says "our sound has a hard on for Trump." This only echoes Jesse Hughe's very vocal support of Mr Trump.

It took a second to believe that...that's really occurring because it wasn't on the news yet..." - Josh Homme, 11/2015 VICE INTERVIEW

This quote by Josh Homme suggests first that nothing is REAL until it is on the news, which his friends at VICE and others on his long list of corporate sponsors control. Josh also does not explain in this interview, or any others I have seen, why he wasn't present during this particular concert, even after offering that he was SUPPOSED to be there. Given what occurred that night, wouldn't it have been smarter to simply make something up or just say "I rarely tour with them, that's why I wasn't there?" By offering that he wasn't there "by a stroke of fate" [NY Times Interview] and then not explaining why anywhere - this leaves an odd opening in the story for people to ponder. It's also worth noting here that the terror attacks in France that night began at 21:25 (9:25) at a bar/cafe in Paris. The Bataclan shootings began at 21:40 (9:40). That's a 15 minute gap. Paris was already on "high alert" from previous threats and attacks (In fact, Bataclan specifically had been threatened due to "pro Israel" events held there by the previous Jewish owners who conveniently sold the club on 9/11/15, 2 months before the attacks after 40 years of ownership.) TEODM are represented by WME, who's CEO is media giant Ari Emanuel, who's father was part of a militant Zionist group, Irgun). The EODM had also played in Tel Aviv the previous July. Are we to believe that despite ALL OF THIS justification for increased security, and even a 15 minute gap between when the first Paris attacks occurred and when the Bataclan shootings began, nobody suspected or prepared for an attack like this? At the very least, someone in the sold out show should have noticed something on social media, via their cell phone - which nobody goes anywhere without checking these days, that attacks have begun in another part of the city.

Our friends went there to see Rock and Roll and died. I'm gonna go back there and live." - Jesse Hughes, 11/2015 VICE INTERVIEW

This quote by Jesse Hughes has the sound of a heroic response to a traumatic event. But what does he really mean by this quote? He's literally saying he wants to go live where people died. Specifically, where people were SLAUGHTERED. Wouldn't a "traumatized" person want to stay as far away from the scene of the bloodbath as possible? Especially so soon after the fact? This guy goes by the nickname "The Devil." The Devil wants to go live where people were slaughtered, while he was singing "Kiss the Devil." Sounds more like an occult ritual than a tribute to the fallen.

We're gonna recruit people to be part of life, to be citizens of the earth." - Josh Homme, 11/2015 VICE INTERVIEW

Josh Home makes a subtle military reference here, specifically by using the word "recruit." (Jesse Hughes has echoed military themes in reference to the band as well in the obviously scripted OCT 2015 gigwise.com article where he said "We're like the special forces of rock n' roll") Although Josh is a master at delivering obscure lines like this in a seemingly natural, harmless way, if we really break it down what does he actually mean by this? Why do people need to be "recruited" in order to be "citizens of the earth?" What power or authority does this man represent which gives him the inspiration to make such a statement? Are we not citizens of the earth already? Why would we need special recruitment to join a class we are already part of as a birth right? This is more of the "united we stand" narrative, which basically says "be one of US and be protected." There is a subtle threat there as well, which states - "if you aren't UNITED with US, you aren't a citizen of the earth. You are an ALIEN (Muslim), and you must be destroyed."

VICE: What do you want to say to your fans? What do you want to say to your people out there? JOSH HOMME: Don't move, we'll come to you.

If you're injured and hiding in the middle of a battlefield, trying not to be seen - this is something a fellow soldier might say just before leaving to get help. Josh delivers it this way as well with his facial features and voice tone. "Help is on the way!" These words are not meant to EMPOWER anyone, they are meant to make you feel like an INJURED defenseless rock fan in need of protection. An injured soldier cannot fight. He is a victim. Josh has been painted as this sort of "fatherly/protective" figure by the media. Part of this narrative is the story about how him and Jesse "The Devil" met. Supposedly as kids, Jesse was a trouble maker and Josh protected him from bullies at school. Now he's playing the role of "protector" to his fans against the bullies (terrorists). His story is slowly being reeled out into the world to encourage people to just basically, don't do anything and wait for Josh to come save them. This guy who wasn't even at the concert where his fans were slaughtered, and never explained why he wasn't there. I don't think this is Josh talking anymore, this is a message from the government/military industrial complex, who manufacture the crisis and then encourages you to give up all your rights in exchange for protection, while you're in a fearful (injured) state. Where is the angry Josh who threatened to beat up a kid who threw a shoe at him on stage? Where is the angry Josh who threatened someone who wanted an autograph? 89 of this man's fans were SLAUGHTERED. He doesn't want to kick anyone's ass?

"Although bonded in grief with the victims, the fans, the families, the citizens of Paris, and all those affected by terrorism, we are proud to stand together, with our new family, now united by a common goal of love and compassion." -Eagles of Death Metal Facebook page, 11/18/15

Posted a mere 5 days after 89 of their fans were BRUTALLY MURDERED - The band is suggesting that the slaughter of 89 of their fans has UNITED them with a new family and that they are feeling PROUD. I've heard of always looking on the bright side of life, but this is a bit extreme. At best, this seems to be more of the "united we stand" rhetoric the Bush administration gave us after 9/11 - just put a different way. This was the phrase we chanted as the U.S. charged into Iraq to get the weapons of mass destruction which, to this day, haven't been found. So whether it's GW Bush or Syd Vicious telling us to "stand together united" after a traumatic event, it's the same response that does nothing to bring justice and nothing to prevent it from happening to people in the future. If anything, it lays over and says "it's ok just take more of my rights away as long as I'm with my family of prisoners and am protected for another year by big brother Homme!" This is not the response of empowered individuals, this is the response of CAGED individuals who are simply glad their food was thrown into the prison cell for another day. It does nothing to address the fact that our "prison cell" is growing smaller every year as a result of new "security measures" and the fact that these measures seem to be having a reverse effect.

"36 year old Nick Alexander, who worked the band's merchandise table during the group's European tour, was among the people killed."

"It's a waste of life but it wasn't a waste of life, and we need to focus on that message of positivity. It's not worth our energy to focus on misery. We need to move forward with life, and life is for living and life is for laughing, and that's how we intend to remember Nick" - Zoe Alexander, interviewed 2 months after the Bataclan massacre

This was the worst terrorist attack on France since WWII. The Bataclan concert was where the most casualties (89) were reported. At a rock concert, featuring an American band. We are told by the media that not only were people killed, but in some cases were tortured and mutilated beforehand. Families of the victims would be justified in feeling furious and demanding answers and JUSTICE for these crimes. Yet, Zoe Alexander (sister of victim Nick Alexander) doesn't seem to have any questions or fury about what happened to her brother. While interviewed on camera [now viewable on youtube] she sheds not one tear, in fact she smiles while offering "we need to move forward with life" just 2 months after her brother was brutally murdered in public! She also urges us to not focus on "misery." Why is she speaking like we're patents and she is a therapist? Why is she addressing US as if we are victims? Isn't SHE supposed to be the victim?

"Lamenting the loss of so many innocent people, Bowdery adds that she "feels privileged" to have been present for their last breaths." - Washington Post interview of witness

This is one of many weird "witness responses" that can be found in various news articles pertaining to the Bataclan shooting. Here we have a "Ms Bowdery" going on about "feeling privileged" to see people perish. You can try and put into words a positive spin on what this person is saying, but in the process you will find yourself perplexed. Are we supposed to imagine the beauty of watching someone take their last breath in the midst of a bloody massacre? While I can see this viewpoint depicted in some fucked up horror story about necrophilia, I'm not buying it from an "alleged witness" of this massacre. No, beholding last breaths taken where 89 people are being tortured, mutilated, and slaughtered is not a privilege. I'm sane, thank you.


So what are leaders doing to protect the people against these "freedom hating Muslims?" Exactly what "Muslim extremists" are trying to do of course, take more freedoms away!

Similar to the USA's response just after the 911 attacks, "In response to the [2015 Paris] attacks, a three-month state of emergency was declared across the country to help fight terrorism, which involved the banning of public demonstrations, and allowing the police to carry out searches without a warrant, put anyone under house arrest without trial and block websites that encouraged acts of terrorism...Cities in the United States took security precautions, especially at sites where large crowds were expected, as well as sports events, concerts, the French embassy and other French government sites. William J. Bratton, the New York City Police Commissioner, said the Paris attacks have changed the way law enforcement deals with security. Singapore raised its national security alert level, stepping up border checks and security across the city-state. Police and military authorities in Manila were placed on full alert in preparation for the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting."

Whenever a "state of emergency" is declared, certain laws and rights are suspended, presumably for the protection of the masses. This allows the police, government, and military to act more quickly and freely to restore order. The problem is, multinational corporations are now so powerful and technologically advanced, that a false disaster of almost ANY type can now be manufactured to justify the transfer of power over to the military industrial complex. We think that fancy 3D movies is the best our media's got? Holograms of Nat King Cole singing a duet with his daughter? The more convincing the THREAT, the more willing we are to hand over our rights for "protection." Therefore, we have a very strong motive for the "powers that be" to manufacture false disasters and acts of terror. The greater the threat, the more extreme the response. If we want to imagine the ultimate threat, we are looking at either a nuclear threat, natural disaster (such as what occurred in New Orleans in recent years), or an extra terrestrial one. And what is the most extreme potential response to such threats? Martial Law.

"Martial law can be used by governments to enforce their rule over the public. Such incidents may occur after a coup d'état (Thailand in 2006 and 2014); when threatened by popular protest (China, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, 2009's Iranian Green Movement that led to take over by Revolutionary Guards); to suppress political opposition (Poland in 1981); or to stabilize insurrections or perceived insurrections (Canada, The October Crisis of 1970). Martial law may be declared in cases of major natural disasters; however, most countries use a different legal construct, such as a state of emergency."


Given the media's extremely selective reporting on the Bataclan Shooting, and their complete hesitance to sensationalize any of the MANY controversial facts regarding the shooting, a logical conclusion would be that we're simply being lied to. And it's probably being done legally.

From the FCC website:

"The FCC cannot interfere with a broadcaster's selection and presentation of material for the news and/or its commentary. However, the FCC does regulate content in some narrow areas. Federal law prohibits or limits the broadcast of obscene, indecent or profane language as defined by U.S. courts. Also, the FCC may issue penalties for knowingly broadcasting false information."

According to a Florida case involving Jane Akre and Steve Wilson VS (FOX) WTVT, "the FCC's news distortion policy is not a "law, rule, or regulation" under section 448.102 of the Florida Statutes." "Wilson and Akre planned a four-part investigative report (for FOX broadcasting] on Monsanto's use of rBGH, which prompted Monsanto [manufacturer of rBST] to write to Roger Ailes, president of Fox News Channel, in an attempt to have the report reviewed [censored] for bias and because of the "enormous damage that can be done" as a result of the report. "rBGH is a genetically engineered artificial hormone injected into dairy cows to make them produce more milk. Despite opposition from scientists, farmers and consumers, the US currently allows dairy cows to be injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST)."

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is the eighth and current Emir of Qatar. Tamim has held a variety of government posts within Qatar and also worked to promote numerous sporting events within the country.


Is there a connection between The Eagles of Death Metal and Lagardere group? I don't just mean because they played a venue Lagardere owned, I mean do they have an actual link?

"Because of our position in the music industry, we have direct ties to what has happened in France: Eagles of Death Metal are one of our own artists; Bataclan is owned by one of our shareholders, Lagardère group; one of our own family members, who is also an artist manager, has worked with victim Nick Alexander on tour" By Bandsintown - Nov 16, 2015

I'm not sure how much one can read into the above quote from Bandsintown, but clearly a connection is being made from Lagardere to the Eagles of Death metal, down to the deceased merch guy, Nick Alexander. After what we've seen, this draws a link from ISIS/ISIL (by way of Qatar) to the band. Either this is not considered "newsworthy" or the "journalists" reporting these types of events cannot properly use GOOGLE SEARCH. At the very least, this could be sensationalized to hell. And since when does the media pass up on an opportunity to do that? The only reason the media would have to ignore this obviously suggestive information is if it is assisting with the cover up by focusing on stories which grab attention but do not point towards certain lines of thinking or reasoning (and of course, makes a mockery of anyone who attempts to do so.)

Ari Emanual and Donald Trump. Emanuel was once Trump's agent. He is CEO for WME, who currently represent The Eagles of Death Metal.

Robby Frasier is EODM’s band manager. He works for what was the William Morris Agency (also known as WMA). Under CEO Ari Emanuel’s leadership, in April 2009, WMA merged with the Endeavor Talent Agency to form William Morris Endeavor, or "WME” for short. WME currently represents the band, according to their own website. Ariel Zev "Ari" Emanuel, who was once Donald Trump's agent, purchased the Miss America pageant from Trump on September 14th, 2015, (the day after the Bataclan shootings - I guess he was too busy to comment on the shooting because of this?) coinciding with Trump's announcement that he was running for president.

"[Ari] Emanuel...is a powerhouse talent agent who is notorious in the entertainment business for his aggressive, hard-charging negotiating style. His lineage is also legendary—he is the brother of Ezekiel, or “Zeke,” a renowned oncologist and one of the architects of Obamacare, and Rahm, the former White House chief of staff and current mayor of Chicago." -The Daily Beast

"Emanuel gained widespread media attention in July 2006 when he called on Hollywood to blacklist Mel Gibson because of Gibson’s “anti-Semitic remarks.” Emanuel wrote, “People in the entertainment community, whether Jew or Gentile, need to demonstrate that they understand how much is at stake in this by professionally shunning Mel Gibson and refusing to work with him, even if it means a sacrifice to their bottom line.”

Ari Emanuel's "father, Jerusalem-born Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician who was active in the Irgun, a hardline Zionist militant group whose activities in Mandatory Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s led to its listing as a terrorist organization by the British authorities, the Jewish Agency and the 1946 Zionist Congress. His mother, Marsha Emanuel (née Smulevitz), was a civil rights activist, and the one-time owner of a Chicago-area rock and roll club."

A good question for Ari Emanuel might be, "so Ari, what are your feelings on this massacre, the worst terrorist attack at a concert in modern times, where one of YOUR company's bands was playing?" This is the man who basically RUINED Mel Gibson because of drunken antisemitic remarks. He has NOTHING to say about this slaughter of Eagles of Death Metal fans? One would think he'd be raising hell right about now. Maybe he has already. Just not the "hell" we think.


According to Rolling Stone, "Hughes said he felt something was amiss when he first arrived at the venue and noted the security guard for the backstage area didn't look at him. "I immediately went to the promoter and said, 'Who's that guy? I want to put another dude on,'" Hughes claimed. "And he goes, 'Well some of the other guards aren’t here yet,' and eventually I found out that six or so wouldn't show up at all...It seems rather obvious that they had a reason not to show up." [Hughes later apologized for making these statements publicly]

Josh Homme formed TEODM with friend Jesse Hughes. According to a New York times interview, Homme had planned to be onstage at that show but changed his plans. “I wasn’t there by a stroke of fate,” he said. In that article, there is no particular explanation as to what this "stroke of fate" was.

So why is it that Jesse Hughes is so quick to assume security guards who decided not to show up "knew something," but his own band member and drummer was also not there and this gets no mention? Obviously Jesse knew the reason Josh wasn't there, but why don't we? Why would Jesse put this viewpoint out there without explaining where his own drummer was that night?


Let's take a quick look at the intense promotional campaign for TEODM before and after the Bataclan massacre:

As stated earlier, "Redemption of the Devil" was released by VICE a month before the Bataclan attacks. This focused on issues of guns, god, politics, patriotism, drugs, sex, the devil, and rock music.

Following the attack, a Facebook campaign was created by Jon Morter with the intention of getting the band's cover of the Duran Duran song "Save a Prayer" to number one on the UK Singles Chart. The campaign was promoted by Duran Duran and headed up by Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon who promised to donate their proceeds from the sale to charity. While this seems to come from a good place, it was also done with the not so subtly stated goal of getting the band's song "to number one on the UK Singles Chart." It also associates TEODM with one of the UKs biggest pop rock bands, Duran Duran. Capitalizing upon tragedy is still capitalizing, even if charity is thrown into the mix.

Josh Homme encouraged musicians of any genre to cover the band's song "I Love You All the Time", and all of the subsequent proceeds due to the band would be donated to his charity Sweet Stuff Foundation, which would then be donated to the victims of the attack. Again, brilliant way to capitalize - even using OTHER BANDS to spread the music of TEODM. But it's ALL for charity, right?

"On December 7, the band - without Homme - appeared on stage at a U2 concert at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris in their first concert appearance since the attack. The bands performed a cover of Patti Smith's "People Have the Power" together before Eagles of Death Metal performed "I Love You All the Time". In a statement following the performance, Hughes thanked U2 and said that the band would return to Paris in February 2016. The following day, the band revisited the Bataclan to pay their respects to the victims of the attack." 2 HUGE publicity stunts in 2 days. Again, associating themselves with a HUGE pop band (U2), justified with "positive vibes and messages," followed by the famous non event where Jesse Hughes is allegedly denied entrance to the Bataclan - but according to his manager he never even tried to go in. Well which one is it Mr News Journalist? Right, a little manufactured controversy the day after sharing the stage with U2 - well played EODM - more press coverage for the band.

Less than a month after the attacks at Bataclan, VICE, producers of "Redemption of the Devil," release a mini documentary interview of the group, recalling the attacks. If you type "Eagles of Death Metal Bataclan" into youtube, it's the 2nd result that comes up. As of today it has nearly 5 million views. This one is basically presented in the "reality tv" fashion, in order to "set the record straight" or something. In actuality, it's just more promotion for the band and further solidifies the narrative which we are supposed to buy about the shootings.

In February of 2017, another documentary on the band and the Bataclan massacre released by HBO. It was directed by Colin Hanks [son of Tom Hanks] about the band and the aftermath of the Bataclan attack, titled Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends). So now we have the son of one of the highest paid actors in the United States and HBO behind the band. Why? Well because we haven't documented the band's response to the shootings enough. I haven't seen the film, but I assume from the description that the film raises no questions at all as to who the attackers were, who owned the venue, the weird date it was sold, or where all the money leads. That might lead to answers. Why would we want to take these big names and big money and produce a documentary which actually told us something new or informative?

"If you think about it, the majority of victims last night are music fans. This is the first direct hit on music that we've had in this so-called War on Terror or whatever it's called. It's very upsetting. These are our people. This could be me at a show. You at a show, in that venue. It's a very recognizable situation for you and for me and the coldblooded aspect of this slaughter is deeply disturbing and that’s what I can’t get out of my head." - Bono, U2


af·flu·ent: (especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy.

Born in Joshua Tree, CA, "Josh Homme...is from one of the more affluent families in Palm Desert. His grandfather Cap Homme has a park named after him in an exclusive enclave in Coachella Valley, where retired movie stars, former American presidents and Microsoft’s Bill Gates all live. There’s a Homme Street where the family ranch used to be located – now the location of the very posh Monterey Country Club [of which his Grandmother was a member], 375 acres of luxury homes tucked underneath the shadow of the Santa Rosa Mountains." - http://www.uncut.co.uk

“I didn’t grow up as a rich kid,” he protests, squirming a little. “I grew up in an 800-square foot condominium. Money doesn’t mean anything in itself, it’s just a way to keep people off of you, or keep yourself free, keep your options open. But it’s hardly something to stack or think about. Although maybe it looks cool stacked." - Josh Homme, UNCUT.co.uk, 2013

Corporate sponsors for the first Eagles of Death Metal album included Ask.com, Comcast, Payless ShoeSource, Nissan Motors, Budweiser, Pontiac Motors, Wendy's, Microsoft, Globe Shoes, film "Thank You for Smoking," promotional disc for the film Grindhouse, soundtrack for PS2 game Gran Turismo 4...

The band that was center stage during the Bataclan Massacre was The Eagles of Death Metal. Everyone knows Josh Homme is the main man behind this band, even though he doesn't always appear live with them. Therefore, why isn't anyone asking the very fundamental question of, "why would ISIS/ISIL want to attack Josh and his fans?" It's a reasonable question, I'm not sure why nobody is asking it. Instead we are absolutely inundated with every inch of Jesse Hughes and his "god/devil/guns/religion/politics" montage of symbolism. But this guy was a nobody pulled out of the desert by Josh Homme. And as far as I know, his band played a show where the largest slaughter of rock fans in history occurred, and he called in absent for it, without explanation. While that doesn't mean he is guilty of anything, any competent detective trying to make sense of this massacre would ask this question. But the problem is that this case was considered "closed" the second "ISIS/ISIL" was announced as the perpetrator. Any other details are considered "inadmissible" because frankly, logic and reason are not as factual as "news media determinations." It's like Josh said in the quote above, that facts are hard to believe before they are on "the news." So I guess the strategy here was to KEEP facts from appearing on the news at all, so that people won't consider them?

U2's "The Joshua Tree received critical acclaim, topped the charts in over 20 countries, and became the fastest-selling album in British history. According to Rolling Stone, the album increased the band's stature "from heroes to superstars". Bono said, "I started to see two Americas, the mythic America and the real America", hence the album's working title, The Two Americas. Having toured the US extensively in the past, the group were inspired by the country's geography. As such, the desert, rain, dust, and water appear as lyrical motifs throughout the record."

"The name Joshua tree was given by a group of Mormon settlers crossing the Mojave Desert in the mid-19th century. The tree's unique shape reminded them of a Biblical story in which Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer."

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Great Wall of America

"The wall is going to be....a GREAT wall." - Donald Trump Feb 16th, 2017 Press conference, 15:45

In a previous blog, "The Mad Architect of Civil War," we looked at old American war propaganda posters as well as more recent billboards advertising various films and tv series. We explored how the media is not necessarily reflecting reality, but suggesting and DICTATING it, from various angles in order to maintain division among the populace. I couldn't help but notice a fresh new batch of them, so here is a few more for your consideration...

I have not seen the film "The Great Wall," but presumably it is about "the Great Wall of China." Above is the main promotional billboard plastered all around major cities. What we see is a white man (Matt Damon) in military attire, about to shoot someone who is clearly below him on the other side of a wall (represented by the movie title). Behind him are 4 people of different races, also dressed for battle. The 4 individuals look unsure and fearful, but prepared for blood. They are staring directly at the viewer (you). This can be confirmed by looking closely at a large, blown up version of this billboard. Since the viewer is physically on the other side of the wall, the 4 individuals behind Matt Damon seem to be hinting that YOU are on the wrong side. This sends the message that anyone can be a foreigner, even YOU. In the background we see explosions and evidence of a destructive battle occurring. This stirs up very specific racial/political controversies without directly referring to any of them.

A brief consideration of possible occult imagery reveals a few interesting details. The use of red and blue, colors used by Freemasonic Illuminists representing chaos and order, very much fits the theme of civil war and division. Red is worn by a man, blue is worn by a woman. Union/confederate, democrat/republican. There are 5 individuals pictured. 5 is typically associated with man, war, fire, and the color red. Matt Damon's character points an arrow at something or someone on the other side of the imaginary wall. The arrow represents the human will, strength, force, or the phallus. In this picture, the white man holds the phallus and directs the intent, whereas the other faces reflect a shade of doubt, hesitance to act, and fearful wonder - and yet postured to follow the will of the white man in the front. Finally, the words "the Great Wall" fit rather well inside of a hexagram. I didn't bother creating an image with the words inside a hexagram, but the inspired observer is encouraged to. The significance of that refers again to the theme of Freemasonic symbolism, as the square and compass are a different expression of the hexagram, the star of David, and the 3 dimensional cube (this is explained in more detail in a previous blog "Occult themes/symbolism within Star Wars: The Force Awakens.")

A quick glance at the funding behind the film reveals that "The Great Wall's" biggest financial contributor, according to Wikepedia, is China based "The Wanda Group." They are the world's biggest private property developer and owner and the world's largest cinema chain operator. They purchased AMC theatres in 2012 and own 13% of movie screens in the USA. In 2016 Wanda Group also purchased Propaganda GEM, "The Entertainment Marketing and product placement agency becomes part of Wanda Group's focus on entertainment but also Hollywood content" (Notice the word "propaganda" and references to "Hollywood content" and "product placement.") There is also the interesting fact that The Wanda Group has "good relationships" with the Communist Party of China.

The new King Kong film features "Kong" emerging from the sun, which is either rising or setting, depending on how you look at it. This indicates that the beast rises from the beginning and the end of time. The Sun is the most ancient symbol worshiped by mankind. Christ was the SON of god. Angels are typically depicted with rays of light behind them. The crown of a king symbolizes the rays of the sun. These rays signify divine rulership. The word "King" is omitted from the title of the film. But it is enforced instead by the symbolism of the monster emerging from the sun and also by the words above the title "All Hail the King." Clearly, the monster is the "king." Who is the king of America? That would be the president, Donald Trump.

The orange, red, and yellow emerging from the top/behind "Kong" recall the colors often so sarcastically associated with Trump's infamous hair and facial color. The monster is the president, and the Monster is the KING. The monster emerges from the opposite side of the rocks. Or you could say, the opposite side of the wall. He is a foreigner from the view of the troops. The troops are foreigners from the view of the monster. There are 5 troops. 5 represents war, the color red, and fire. The troops are clearly ready to battle the monster. "All Hail the King" is written in the water between the troops. This is not a statement, it's a suggestion. The troops are depicted within the colors of deep blue/green. Blue is the color of democrats as well as order. Red is the color of republicans/chaos.

The 2 helicopters are eyes and the troops form a frown. This represents the face of the observer, YOU. "Skull Island" references the head. A skull lies inside of a head. You are the foreigner fighting on the opposite side of the leader/king/monster. Or you can choose to be on the side of the monster emerging from the orange/red sun. The point is, TAKE A SIDE and FIGHT.

This is only one interpretation of the occult symbolism within this poster. But the fact that the symbols are there for your consumption is pretty hard to dispute. These symbols are not recognized consciously, but the icons have an effect on the sub conscious nonetheless. This is done to catch your attention of course, as any good advertisement should do. But this is also a very loaded piece of propaganda. I imagine the film is also a loaded piece of eye catching propaganda.

I didn't know this film was called "Get Out" because the billboard ad barely even looks like a movie advertisement. Again we have (very subtle) blue and red. You can't see very well in the picture due to the glare, but the sky and the house rooftops contain blue hues, while the front of the houses contain a dull sunset (or sunrise) red. These are not natural colors, they are obviously filtered to be stylized this way. Upon first glance, the ad blends in almost like graffiti. The message? Well, it couldn't get any less metaphorical so I don't see the need to type it out, as it can be read plainly enough above. Someone even did the work for me by snapping this photo of the billboard next to a political advertisement (also featuring the colors blue and red). Again, enforcing ideas of division, judgement, racism, and fear of foreigners. I've actually seen both of these billboards myself at more than one intersection, prominently placed next to each other.

I briefly read the plot line for this and found that it is a "black comedy" horror film. It flirts aggressively with racial tension, even more bizarrely than I would have expected. It's about a black man who is dating a white woman. He somehow discovers a sort of shocking secret inside her house involving the disappearance of black people from the WHITE residence. A movie about black people disappearing from a white house? Hmmm....The movie is currently enjoying stellar ratings, and this writing is not intended to downgrade the movie - neither could I since I haven't even seen it yet. This is merely a meditation on the symbolic meanings translated through the poster and the plot themes. No surprise that they reflect the growing racial/civil war agenda so prevalent on the media's plate lately. It is interesting to see how more of these types of messages are being presented with a touch of comedy. But not the sort that diffuses tension, the type which ENHANCES it.

Here's a new film starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day. I have not seen this film either, but by the looks of the reviews, it is pointless exercise in stupidity and gratuitous vulgarity. But perhaps these critics are missing the point...

The poster shows a black man and a white man standing off. If it wasn't already obvious that they don't like each other, the not so subtle words FIST FIGHT are there in nice big letters so mentally handicapped people can understand what is being articulated. Apparently in the film, these two characters are teachers. Similar to some of the recent super hero films, we have iconic representations of social leaders (super heroes, teachers, parents) abandoning their posts in order to fight each other for no apparent reason (or for an extremely petty one). Teachers are the educators of society, so the idea of teachers fighting in a racially suggestive context hints that we are being taught to hate and to be racial for very petty reasons. It basically encourages every possible negative racial tension between blacks and whites for the most shallow reasons possible. But since it is labeled "entertainment" and "comedy" we don't take it at face value consciously. But subconsciously the message is the same as if it was delivered by a fascist government propaganda poster.

Within the billboard we have the colors blue (turquoise?) and red again, signifying chaos and order. The black man is taller than the white man, encouraging thoughts of inferiority and empowerment on both sides of the ethnic coin. I don't know much about the white guy (Charlie Day,) but the black guy (Ice Cube) was in NWA in the 90s, a rap group who wrote the song "Fuck the Police." Although the name "NWA" is known to stand for "Niggas With Attitude," it was a pretty well established urban myth in the 90s that it stood for "No Whites Allowed." Whether it really stood for that or not, plenty of kids believed it. NWA was an extremely controversial group and popularized the entire "Gangsta Rap" genre probably more than any other group. This was around the time that I first started hearing arguments about gun laws, and it was largely encouraged by alleged youths obtaining them illegally and using them in gang violence in schools and in the streets. And yet somehow the recent film about NWA managed to soften their image and make their story more identifiable to people. The point here is not to debate whether the film was accurate or not, but to point out that the same media who banned "Fuck the Police" in the 90s and warned of the dangers of Gangsta Rap and youths bringing guns to school, is now using NWA's story, and their former members to deliver negative racial entertainment to mainstream America, hidden within the guise of "harmless comedy."

From FX Network we have this nice depiction of a man and a woman both pointing guns at someone while being turned on and staring into each other's eyes. Almost to say that shooting people is sexy, chic, and the new trendy way to love someone. The couple look somewhat dead, as if they are turning into zombies or vampires. This is all done in a very stylish, attractive, hip kind of way. The word "Americans" has a reversed R to enhance a warped meaning of it. "These are the NEW Americans. This is the new YOU." The background again uses red and blue, with some yellow thrown in. The message here is a very clear statement to the American public: "This is what you are America! Shoot someone already! See, it's sexy! It's love! It's chic! Most of all, it's AMERICAN! Be a corpse! Be a zombie!" Are we getting the message yet? I know I am.

"One of the most deliciously long-simmering rivalries in the history of Hollywood is dissected in Ryan Murphy's Feud: Bette and Joan, starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon (above), premiering March 5." - Town and Country Magazine

"in a Hollywood today where sexism, ageism and divide-and-conquer are still the status quo, the battles faced more than 50 years ago by the then 54-year-old and virtually discarded Davis and the broke but still striving 58-year-old Crawford feel unfortunately poignant in 2017." - Deadline.com

These billboards are based upon the story written by Henry Farrell entitled "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" It's about 2 sisters, "movie actors, but Blanche has achieved stardom, while Jane’s films have flopped, leading Jane to drink heavily. One night, returning from a party, one of the sisters gets out of the car to open the gate leading up to the house, while the other attempts to run her over. The resulting accident leaves Blanche paralyzed transforming Jane into "an aging actress who holds her paraplegic sister captive in an old Hollywood mansion." The psychological thriller film adaptation of the same name was released in 1962. The bitter Hollywood rivalry between the film's two stars, Davis and Crawford, was obviously important to the film's initial success. "Feud" is a new show from FX Network featuring Susan Sarandon (70) and Jessica Lang (67) playing the roles of Betty Davis and Joan Crawford, acting out their "Feud" during the filming of the movie, presumably both in front and away from the camera.

Given the multi layered concept behind the series, the above posters manage to conjure an incredibly complex amount of negative feminine concepts. I'm going color blind looking at all of these blue/red shades, but I think we have possibly HOT PINK set against a deep blue here. The first poster features Jessica Lang looking particularly reminiscent of K.D. Lang next to an overly made up, and decidedly feminine Susan Sarandon. They appear to represent the classic female nightmare of becoming old, unattractive, and unimportant. Their despairing facial expressions hint at a deep sense of guilt. The bars they clutch seem to represent punishment for whatever crime they are guilty of. All presented in a sensual, sexy dream like color scheme.

Second poster has Sarandon suggestively postured above Lang, who stares up as if waiting to be punished/dominated. Obviously there is a sexual undertone here, but also ideas of inferiority, incest, helplessness, sadism, masochism, sibling rivalry, jealousy, gender role confusion, gender role reversal, and ritual torture among other things.

Crawford and Davis were loudly applauded for their performances, as the film "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" was nominated for 5 academy awards. They were both seen as past their prime by the public, and "washed up" before this. It's interesting to note that a film where women are depicted behaving badly, and where 2 actresses inject their own real life bad, self loathing behavior into the film is what gained it more notoriety in the end. The further dramatization of these actresses feuding and staring down their old age is presumably reflected by Sarandon and Lang - who are both OLDER than the characters they are depicting. Clearly the media is applauding THEM for further articulating the "delicious long-simmering rivalry" and would probably be very happy to see Sarandon and Lang vent their own insecurities upon each other and within the film.

It's interesting to note that both "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" and "Feud" were both written by men. Men writing about women acting out their fears and insecurities, and being applauded for doing so. I guess it's like a wise woman once said, "well behaved women rarely make history."

Finally, we have CBS's "The Good Fight." This billboard exploits the lesbian fantasy, presumably from the perspective of a heterosexual male. As far as I can tell, the series is a "political/legal drama." But judging from this poster I can only assume that some sort of "lesbian drama" is part of the plot at some point? We see a somewhat conservative looking blonde, blue eyed woman on the left with her fingers just barely forming a "V." If you've been to any rock concerts, you've probably seen the way this hand gesture is usually used by men to indicate "I wanna lick your pussy." In the center, we have a conservative looking black woman looking like she just had sex with a white man, who lays in the background with no shirt on. But she is staring somewhere else, indicating she is bored with what she just experienced and feels guilty for what she is considering. The man in the background is only pictured from the neck down. Above his crotch are the words "all access," subtly indicating that heterosexual men will have "all access" to this unrealistic lesbian fantasy. Finally on the right we have a woman looking turned on as she faces a woman who's mouth and nose are the only parts we can see of her. Obviously the idea that they are "making out" is being heavily suggested. Yet, all 3 women appear to be heterosexual.

The title "The Good Fight" seems to indicate that all this Lesbian lust is causing a fight somewhere, but that it's good. The storyline seems to include lots of SCAMS and SCANDAL. I suppose the message here to women is to question their own sexuality and to regard any friction caused by their bad behavior to be good? The word GOOD is RED to highlight it. The billboard appears to also include the colors red and blue/black - again, indicating chaos and order.

A bit about CBS Network - CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting System. Colombia refers to the Columbian faction of Freemasons. This is why the logo contains the "all seeing eye." And yes, it's the same eye on the $1 bill and represents the "Illuminated Ones." Therefore, this show is sponsored by a very powerful Freemasonic order - as are all of the shows on CBS and probably everything mentioned on this page.

Someone recently commented to me that this sort of thing is just "the media being the media." And I agree. But what is the difference between someone who closes the book right there on the subject and one who is inspired to look deeper? The media is like a giant megaphone being broadcast throughout society. We can listen, we can ignore, but we can't escape its influence. And to study the influence our environment is having upon our minds and bodies is the act of an intelligent, aware human being.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott: A murder without precedent

I realize this is a very sensitive issue, and I don't claim to have any answers here. This is merely an individual perspective on a very tragic event. I encourage people to do their own research and feel free to comment.

The 2004 murder of Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott is a story most people in the metal scene have heard about. But it wasn't until very recently that I took the time to research this event in depth. As with most big news stories (and this was mainstream news for a few days), reports were full of exaggerations, lies, contradictions, and slants to serve certain interests. But overall, it's pretty hard to dispute the basic story - as there were many witnesses. Without going over the details too heavily, the generic version goes something like this:

Abbott brothers and Phil Anselmo begin to have a highly publicized rift. Pantera breaks up. Drummer Vinny Abbott and brother/guitarist Darrell Abbott form Damageplan, while Phil continues with other various projects. On December 8th 2004 at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, OH, a couple minutes into Damageplan's set a "crazy fan" came onto the stage. He shoots Darrell Abbott dead at point blank range 3-5 times in front of a shocked crowd. A few individuals tried to take the shooter out and paid with their lives. Within about 5 minutes, a cop sneaks up on the shooter and blows his head off with a shotgun.


Darrell Abbott was the first Heavy Metal Rock star to ever be shot and killed onstage during a performance. It's been called "the worst day in metal history."

This event occurred on the 24th anniversary of John Lennon's death.

John Lennon was also murdered by a "crazy fan" with a gun, within the same hour of the evening, also attacked from behind.

On December 8th, 1984 - the 4th anniversary of John Lennon's death, Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley (Hanoi Rocks) died in a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera, driven by a drunk Vince Neil (Motley Crue), which had struck another car on their way to buy more beer.

According to Tommy Bradford (original Pantera Bass player), the band was named after the car before they actually knew what the word meant. He says this in an interview contained in the documentary film "Planets of Destruction."

Nathan Gale (Darrell Abbott's murderer) was the same age as John Lennon's murderer when he shot him (25).

Nathan Gale was born on 9/11/1979. According to Chris Armold's book written about the shooting, Gale weighed 11 lbs 11 oz when he was born.

The night of the Damageplan shooting began with a band called 12 Gauge. The night ended when Nathan Gale's head was blown off by a 12 Gauge.

"CAN YOU FEEL IT BUILDING/DEVASTATION IS ON THE WAY/FEEL THE HAIR ON THE BACK OF YOUR NECK AS THE RUSH BEGINS" - First verse of Damageplan's opening song that night "Breathing new Life." Nathan Gale allegedly grabbed Darrell by the hair from the back before fatally shooting him.

Mary Clark, Nathan's alleged Mother, has been quoted by many media sources and even appeared in WE's "Secret Lives of Women" in 2009. However none of these interviews or the TV episode seem to be available anywhere anymore.

Mary Clark initially bought the gun for her son as a gift, but Nathan (killer) had to pick it up in person and do a background check, which he apparently passed despite having a criminal record.

The only info we have on Gale's biological father and brothers are contained in the book written on the subject by Chris Armold. None were interviewed, the brother's names were changed (to "protect their privacy"), and all went virtually unmentioned in media reports.

Nathan Gale was allegedly diagnosed "paranoid schizophrenic" while serving in the Marine Corps shortly before being honorably discharged. However, the Marine Corpse has never confirmed this publicly citing privacy reasons.

Nathan Gale was dragged off the stage at a DAMAGEPLAN concert in Cincinnati eight months prior to the Alrosa Villa shootings. Although he caused $3,000 worth of damage to equipment, the band did not press charges and he did not appear to have a weapon that night.

Gale was spotted pacing outside the Alrosa Villa during the opening band's sets looking suspicious, according to a security guard. He was told twice by the same security guard he could not park in the first couple spots that he attempted to park. According to the Rolling Stone article, owner of the club Rick Cautela stated "One of my guys who helps to set up the bands eventually told him to leave."

Although there is much speculation on what drove Gale to kill that night, police investigators constantly maintained that "we may never know the motive."

Many people in the audience apparently thought the shooting was part of the act initially, including the owner of the club who kept pouring drinks as the first few shots went off.

Since Dimebag's shooting, mass shootings have been on the rise in America despite increased "security measures" all over the country.


According to www.schizophrenia.com about 1% of the US population has schizophrenia. Of that 1%, between 10% and 50% are suicidal.

"People with schizophrenia are far more likely to harm themselves than be violent toward the public. Violence is not a symptom of schizophrenia. News and entertainment media tend to link mental illnesses including schizophrenia to criminal violence. Most people with schizophrenia, however, are not violent toward others but are withdrawn and prefer to be left alone."

Suicide numbers are known to be much higher among schizophrenics than those associated with homicide. If suicide among schizophrenics is between 10%-50%, it would be generous the say 5%-10% are homicidal. To slice things even thinner, according to one study about 20% of schizophrenics live independently. Nathan Gale allegedly lived alone at the time of the shootings, although his mother did not live far away. So when we are talking about a full blown homicidal paranoid schizophrenic who lives alone, we are talking about a very rare type of person within an already extremely rare segment of society (closer to 0% than .025% of the population).

The probability of a rock star being shot and killed onstage before Dimebag was about 0%. This is based on the fact that there is no example of this before Dimebag's unfortunate shooting occurred. And as far as I know there is no instance of it happening since then either. Therefore, the possibility of a rock star being killed this way is about as close to 0% as you can get without being 0%.

When we factor in the rarity of Nathan Gale's condition combined with the rarity of this type of homicide, it is nearly impossible that the Dimebag shooting occurred the way we were told, according to the numbers.

"It was like a real bad movie. None of it seemed real whatsoever. None of it." - Vinnie Paul Abbott


One of the questions that comes up constantly regarding the Darrell Abbott murder is "why?" Some of the more popular answers are:

1 - The shooter was crazy and we can never truly know what his motive was.
2 - The shooter was angry about the breakup of Pantera.
3 - The shooter thought that Pantera stole his lyrics and didn't give him credit.
4 - Phil Anselmo's negative comments in the press about Darrell Abbott somehow drove Nathan Gale to shoot him.

1 - The first explanation is the main one which was repeatedly enforced by the media and the police investigators who made statements to the press. It is based on the assumption that Nathan Gale was paranoid schizophrenic, which may have been true. However, this was never officially confirmed by the military (who allegedly diagnosed him before honorably discharging him) or police investigators. It was "confirmed" by author Chris Armold through his own personal research and by his alleged communication with Gale's mother, a communication nobody can confirm but the author himself. Not saying it didn't happen, but we are basing an awful lot on his word alone. None of the other interviews with Mary Clark seem to be available anywhere at this time, other than a brief clip of her taken from a WE television broadcast which does not appear to be downloadable any longer. Part of the explanation as to why Mary Clark has been invisible to the public is that angered fans would likely want to hurt her or worse given what her son did and that she allegedly bought him the gun. But the fact she agreed to appear on a television documentary about "The Secret Lives of Women" seems to contradict this explanation.

2 - The second "why?" makes very little sense, because shooting the Abbott brothers eliminates any possibility of a Pantera reunion! Therefore, it's not an action consistent with being upset about the band's breakup because it makes the matter worse, not better. And if we are to believe Gale survived bootcamp in the Marines and had the foresight to plan 2 separate attacks on Dimebag, he probably was together in the head enough to realize killing the band members would not help bring the band back together. Of course, there is always the convenient explanation that the shooter was simply nuts and "we may never know the motive." That pretty much works for any scenario. But it doesn't mean we should close the book and stop looking for consistency and logic. Everyone does things for a reason, even if it is too obscure to see from the outside.

3 - The third "why?" doesn't make sense either because Phil wrote all the lyrics. Gale allegedly listened to "Vulgar Display of Power" over and over and anyone who does that knows that the lyrics are 100% Phil Anselmo. So if stolen lyrics was his beef, he'd be hunting down Phil, not the Abbott brothers - who only wrote the music.

4 - Last theory also doesn't work because Gale attempted to attack Damageplan once before the infamous Phil Anselmo interview ran where he said Dimebag "deserves to be beaten severely." Of course, there may have been others out back then that Gale may have read or heard, but this begins to stretch things beyond reasonable limits.


Maybe it's time to ask different questions. There's 2 basic questions that I have not seen asked anywhere.

Who benefited from the shooting of Dimebag?


Who was most damaged by the shootings?

Obviously Nathan Gale did not benefit from the shooting as it ended with his own head blown off. He went in with over 30 rounds which shows at least the possibility of intention to kill many people besides just ex members of Pantera, further complicating the alleged motive. It also shows that he intended to have a shootout and he can't have been so "crazy" as to think he would get out alive. So to figure out who benefited from the shootings, we need to expand our view outside of Gale, because he clearly had little to gain other than a moment of possible satisfaction before a violent death.

There were a few news stories which highlighted the fact that the Alrosa Villa had no metal detectors that night and that there were no security cameras. So theoretically, this event benefited the cause of those companies who manufacture security/surveillance equipment. It also stirred up the conversation about gun laws - further contributing to the argument that "people shouldn't have access to guns so easily." So in this way, the agenda to disarm Americans and erode the constitution has benefited. Also, the fact that Nathan Gale was not on his meds came up as a main motivating factor in his decision to carry out the shootings. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry gets a good plug there. In short, the control structure in society that aims to keep civilians in check benefited from this event. Whether that was by design or by accident is not the point here, simply that these are the beneficiaries of the horrific event, if any can be named.

As far as who was most damaged by this event, on the top of the list would be the victims and their loved ones. Secondly, the bands and their fans were most affected by the shootings. And since Damageplan was still very new, Pantera and their fans would be the more obvious target, if one had to be named. This shooting successfully destroyed Pantera for good, further cemented the rift between Vinny Abbott and Phil Anselmo, and traumatized metal fans everywhere. So symbolically speaking, we can be sure this was an attack on the band Pantera and their fans - as well as heavy metal fans in general. This at least plays into the idea that Nathan Gale was angry at the band. But was there a larger hatred of Pantera than we even know?

"I have a devoted following that would do anything for me. Anything I say." - Phil Anselmo

In the 90s Pantera was a dangerous band. And Phil Anselmo was a very dangerous man. But not to you and I, the average fan. In fact, the band tended to empower their fans. They were not dangerous to their listening audience. But when they reached the top of the billboards, they became a danger to those in control of American society.

They were "Cowboys from Hell." And what young boy, and even many young girls, haven't put on a cowboy hat, imagined themselves on a horse, and held out fake guns and uttered the words "stick em up?" The image of the outlaw cowboy or the heroic lone Ranger who takes out criminals, or robs a bank...a freedom fighter who is above the law. Most of us have a deep childhood connection to such an image. Pantera tapped into that very American archetype and their southern pride and made their fans feel like they were part of it regardless of where they lived. "Don't mess with Texas." "Gimme back my bullets." "We're takin over this town."

The use of cannabis imagery became prevalent in their merchandise, well before it was legal. Again, tapping into the rebellious, free spirit of Americans and metal fans worldwide. The criminalization of cannabis has been well documented, as have its health benefits been. The only reason our leaders do not want us on cannabis is because it encourages free/alternative thinking. The promotion of cannabis was another reason Pantera was a threat. Only after years of constant struggle has cannabis become legal, and who knows for how long?

The use of the confederate flag brought Pantera, at least symbolically, into the political arena for real. Although many younger Northern metalheads may not have understood its history, the association with racism probably started right about there, not with a Phil Anselmo rant. I don't personally feel the band was seeking to promote racism in any way, the confederate flag is simply a symbol of southern heritage. However, given the history behind the flag it's always a slippery slope when brandishing it, and Phil Ansemlo himself has distanced himself away from it for this reason. But again, another reason Pantera was viewed as dangerous.

Phil Anselmo collaborated with Norwegian Black Metal musicians and even recorded some black metal of his own with Viking Crown and Eibon. The Norwegian Black Metal scene had a highly publicized controversy in the early 90s involving church burnings, murder, and a downplayed effort to promote nationalism. Although the key players involved were quickly detained and the movement smothered, the combination of Phil Anselmo and Black Metal was surely one that did not go unnoticed by "the powers that be."

The music video for "Mouth for War" is mostly composed of Phil Anselmo screaming at you in a manner extremely reminiscent of a boot camp drill sergeant. Of course Phil's message is not the same as the one delivered in the Marines, but the result can be comparable. The goal of the drill sergeant is to break down the new recruit and build him back up into the machine needed for the tasks passed down from above. When "regular people" start playing "drill sergeant" and delivering orders from an independent source, this is a threat to the power structure. Because if people begin to unite under an independent cause they can challenge the system and make a change. No change can occur without the consent and/or control of "the powers that be." This is the reason Americans are so divided today, because any movement that grows to a certain size gets taken out or co-opted.

When "Far Beyond Driven" hit to top of the billboard charts, this showed that the band had a very large audience. Bands, actors, politicians, or anyone who has a large following has an influence on society. Therefore, if that influence is not consistent with the "status quo" it is ALWAYS checked in some manner.

John Lennon was also perceived as a threat to the power structure when he compared the Beatle's popularity with the popularity of Christ. In fact, President Nixon tried to get him deported from the US more than once. Jim Morrison was also a threat to the power structure. "Break on through" meant "defy the status quo." People were listening and that made him a threat. Hendrix wrote "Machine Gun" against the Vietnam war. All these men died under strange circumstances. Even if we buy the stories told to us by the media, the after effects of these deaths tell us something loud and clear: if you challenge the control structure and people start listening, you WILL get taken out or somehow reduced in stature. It might come in the form of a crazy man with a gun, a tragic suicide, an unexpected overdose, or a public crucifixion of character by way of some form of controversy and/or scandal.

With all of this in mind, we come back again to Dimebag's murder on December 8th, 2004 and recognize the date of the anniversary of John Lennon's death as a very deliberate message. It's the message from the same killer, leaving his mark and showing us that he is still paying attention and reminding us of who's in charge. This is no crazy man with a gun, this is the devil himself. And some day we're gonna have to pull aside the movie screen and stare him down.